Queens is the most culturally diverse county in the United States.

The Woodhaven BID is responsible for the cleaning, painting, and new planting of the urns on Jamaica Avenue and Woodhaven Boulevard. This maintenance program benefits the stores, shoppers, and residents of Woodhaven by the beautification of this street and adds a touch of live greenery to our commercial areas. The plants in all the urns do not require much care and cover the full soil area of the Jamaica Avenue urns. The cleaning, planting, and "sprucing up" of our shopping strip continues today.

The WBID has also assisted in all of the elevated "J" train stanchions being painted. In 2003, our U.S. Congressman Anthony D. Weiner had all of our "J" train stanchions painted by the MTA. This was very appreciated by our community. This year various beautification improvements will be taken in Woodhaven thanks to the good offices of Honorable Dennis Gallagher, our NYC Councilman. Trees will be planted along Woodhaven's Jamaica Avenue to 100th Street, additional luminaries will be installed, new sanitation receptacles will be positioned, and Woodhaven Boulevard medians will be improved. This will be the further greening of Woodhaven's Jamaica Avenue, from Dexter Court to 100th Street.

American flags are proudly flown along Woodhaven's Jamaica Avenue courtesy of the Woodhaven Business Improvement District. The WBID encourages the flying of our American flag by distributing free flags to store owners, businesses, and homes. These flags are available through the WBID office and at WBID meeting