Queens is the most culturally diverse county in the United States.

The BID retains an independent contractor, Atlantic Maintenance, to provide sanitation services and graffiti vandalism removal along Woodhaven's Jamaica Avenue. These services supplement the ongoing responsibilities of store owners under local sanitation codes. The sanitation crew is easily identifiable by the WBID logo on their shirts and jackets.

Atlantic Maintenance is responsible for litter basket maintenance, sidewalk/curb sweeping and snow removal, and cleaning graffiti vandalism from all WBID District building storefronts and side streets. Their hard work provided seven days a week insures Woodhaven has clean and usable streets all year round.

The WBID also removes graffiti vandalism from Jamaica Avenue Storefront gates, El stanchions, and other frontage on the Avenue. We are proud to say our Woodhaven Business Improvement District is now 98% Graffiti Vandalism free.