Queens is the most culturally diverse county in the United States.

The BID Security Force provides supplemental coverage to existing police operations under the direction of the 102nd Police Precinct. The WBID Force is made up of professionally trained men and women who serve consumers and business operators within the district.

The International Intelligence Agency is an independent security firm under contract with the Woodhaven BID. The International Intelligence Agency provided our Holiday Promotion Days with foot and car security patrols. Their schedule was staggered throughout the weeks and flexible enough to accommodate the demanding holiday season. During the year, we have security Food Patrols and Car Patrols during promotional sales events.

The International Intelligence Agency places foot patrols near our neighborhood banks on certain designated days. These "Bank Days" are chosen after consultation with our local bank branches and are often days on which Social Security pension and retirement checks are likely to be cashed.

We also have a "Random Car Patrol Day." On this arbitrarily chosen day, a private security car patrols Jamaica Avenue. All of these additional Private Security Patrols funded by the WBID make Woodhaven's Jamaica Avenue a safe place to eat and dine.