Woodhaven residents make their way down busy Jamaica Avenue.

https://www.flickr.com/photos/woodhavenbid/sets/72157646598525100/ The Woodhaven Business Improvement District (WBID) is located in Woodhaven and serves as a regional center for satisfying the retail needs of Queens consumers.

The Woodhaven Business Improvement District was created in 1993 by Woodhaven property owners, business investors, and community leaders in order to complement, expand, and actively encourage the full retail and commercial development of Woodhaven's Jamaica Avenue into the new millennium, and beyond.

The WBID incorporates all properties that front Jamaica Avenue from Dexter Court to 100th Street. The WBID contracts with outside vendors to provide security, sanitation, and graffiti vandalism removal services within the WBID boundaries. Promotional and administrative activities have been undertaken through a management consultant. Unlike the promotional and administrative activities, sanitation and security services are supplemental to existing City Services. Since 1993, City Services have been maintained and enhanced by the WBID.

The WBID has been involved in marketing and promotional activities on behalf of the District's retailers. In addition, the WBID serves as advocate for the needs of the entire BID community, working closely with various City Agencies and our elected officials. In our thirteenth year of operation, the Woodhaven Business Improvement District budget was for the first time since its inception increased from $160,000 to $218,000. These additional monies will increase Services and accommodate increased expenses.


The maximum total and annual amount, as proposed to be expended by the District Management Association in any Budget, shall not be greater than the aggregate amount of all monies which the District Management Association may collect for the Contract Year in question from all funding sources permitted under Section V of this Plan. The Annual Budget remains $218,800.

2007-2008 Budget - The Budget of proposed expenditures to be made during this Contract Year shall be as follows:


Security $ 20,000

Sanitation and Maintenance $ 86,000

Marketing/Promotion $ 20,000

Holiday Promotion $ 14,000

Holiday Decoration $ 23,000

Administration, Contingency

Insurance, Accounting Legal Fees $ 55,000

Total Budget $ 218,000


          The Woodhaven Business Improvement District is supported by your assessments. So please feel free to call or write to us because your comments and complaints are welcome. Our telephone numbers are: 718-805-0760 or 718-805-0202 Fax: 718-805-2929 Email: gwdcbid@hotmail.com